About Yap





Mogethin! (Hello or Welcome)

Yap,known as the Land of Stone Money, is a wonderful mix of past, present and future, where an ancient culture exist side-by-side with the 21st century. In Yap, we like to say ‘there are no tourists, only new visiting friends’, so come and visit Yap as a new friend



Visit Yap

There is NO VISA requirement to enter into Yap, except a valid passport within 6 months period, and a round trip airfare ticket.





Yap’s Time Zone:

GMT +10:00



Average Temperature:

High 80’s, low 70’s, wet during summer months, and dry throughout the year.



Current Population:

Yap Main Island is about 8000, and the Outer Islands is about 4000 so the whole State population is about 12000.







Official Currency:

US dollar is used in the stores, but Yap has its own ‘Stone Money’ that is used only for traditional exchanges.



Official Languages:

English is the official language that is spoken almost everyday, but there are four (4) other main languages spoken such as Yapese, Ulithians, Woleaians, and Satawalese.



Political Status: Yap is a democratic type of political system with the Freely Associated with the US Government.



Travel Time / Distances

There are only two ‘gateways’ into Yap;


  1. Guam is about an hour and 20 minutes away, and
  2. Palau is about 45 minutes away.



Interesting Facts


Yap's State Bird


Gigiy, the Yap Monarch is found only on Yap.

Among Yap’s birds species are two endemic ones: The crisp black and white Yap Monarch and the Yap Greater white-eye, species likely to be raised to full endemic species status.



Visa and Entry Formalities

There is NO VISA requirement to enter into Yap, except a valid passport within 6 months period, and a round trip airfare ticket.



How to Get to Yap?

The onlyairlines service to Yap is United Airlines



Where to Stay in Yap?

Manta Ray Bay Hotel; Yap Pacific Divers Resort; Okeefes Waterfront Inn, The Pathways Hotel; ESA Hotel; Village View Resort. There are also apartments & motels catered to business travelers and local resident. Sometimes, pack-packers preferred these facilities to save costs.



How to Get Around in Yap?

There are car rental agencies & taxis to take visitors around. There is also a public transportation system (BUS) that catered to local residents to commute to work, and also for students to go to schools.



Yap offers so many Activities and Adventures…

Yap is known as a premier dive destinations, about 90% of arrivals are scuba divers. Manta Ray, Mandarin Fish, sharks, turtles, corals, caves, caverns, drop-offs, soft/hard corals, gardens, etc, etc, are the highlights of diving.


Cultural/Natural products such as stone paths, hiking trails, stone money banks, local dances, local food, outrigger sailing canoes, kayaking, war relics and wrecks, beaches, flora and fauna, aerial views, etc are also developed to catered to the non-divers.


Source of information: https://micronesiatour.com/destinations/yap